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[ONGOING] Road Map & Information

Alien Pride Art Alien Selfies is is composed of ten completely different cute close-ups of gorgeous Alien girls with design and outfit variants.
The collection will be made up of 10(*) 5/5 minted originals.
The estimated floor price of each NFT of the collection is 70 ALGO, but you can get them by auction or in the secondary market.
Each selfie MAY have up to 5 VARIANT OR ULTRARARE versions, which price could vary depending on the “redraw rarity.”
As Four is the Alien Pride Art brand, I will indulge in creating as many rare versions or variants I need to promote or supply the demand of fans and collaborators.
Starting on November 2021, there will be an 1 new original and 2 Ultrarare/variant versions per month*.

*Expected for Series 1. The series will never have extra mints nor more than 6 variants with the exception of Alien Selfie 4. In case of accumulating unsold cards, this plan and calendar can be varied, paused, or discontinued.
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Hidden Hope


Alien Selfie #9


Alien Selfie #03


Alien Selfie #02


Alien Selfie #01