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Who is the Alien?

Probably you are thinking: Who the fr$ck is this guy? Are they a real alien? 🙂
Well, yes and no. But I will give you some clues so you can get the picture.

The real thing is that I’m a multi-disciplinary artist. My actual job is as a Graphic Designer. Still, I’m also a musician (former bass player in a classic R’n’R band), a writer (I have written a long fantasy trilogy and I’m on a Sci-Fi book now), and, of course, a comic and cartoon artist.

Thanks to digital art, I’ve grown up as a comic artist, learning a bit about inking and color. The moment I bought my iPad pro and an apple pencil, my mind blew up! During the pandemic lockdown, I created an Instagram account called AlienPrideArt. There is a funny story about that name, I’m not sure if you want to know it. Apart from the name’s story, I am a Sci-Fi fan: a total nerd in love with Blade Runner, Alien, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel Comics… So, I thought It was a fantastic idea to start drawing sexy aliens (totally in love with some of the alien characters in the previously mentioned movies and sagas.
The Instagram community helped me a lot. Even if I was not growing on followers, people appreciated my comic style and concept art. That pushed me to improve my skills.
I have started several comic projects, but I never have enough support or the time to continue them. As every middle-class Earth inhabitant, I must dedicate my working time to my real job (graphic designer). Comic art was more of a Hobby, and someone should pay the bills.
I hope someday I can dedicate full-time to my passion: telling stories.