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Elearian Chronicles

[ONGOING] Road Map & Information

Elearian Chronicles is a comic art collection of scenes inspired by the legends, stories, and archives of Elearis and the United Planets Confederation, written by the author Fernando Calderon (AKA Alien Pride Art).
The collection will be made up by 20(*) 5/5 minted originals. (1 to 4 were 20/20 low priced mints).
The estimated floor price of each NFT of each mint is 70 ALGO, but you can get them by auction or in the secondary market.
By fans demand, each scene MAY have only 1 VARIANT OR ULTRARARE version 1/1, 2/2 or 3/3 minted, which price could vary depending on the “redraw rarity”

Starting on November 2021, there will be an 1 new original per month*.

*Expected for Series 1. The series will never have extra mints nor more than 2 variants with the exception. In case of accumulating unsold cards, this plan and calendar can be varied, paused, or discontinued.
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Collection: Click on the images to see if they are available for sale.


Hidden Hope

Years ago, the Terran civilization rejected the Xarelites help, condemning the Earth to a fatal agony that ended in nuclear suicide.
When civilization is embraced without looking towards the future, worlds are consumed in a couple of centuries.
The good thing is that in most cases, the extinction of some is the liberation of others… As long as your power cells last a couple more centuries.

– Elearian Chronicles: Earth’s Fall


Ilsa Yun and the cursed relic of Kayakuan

Dust kicks up from the ground as Ilsa lands. Just a few beams light the temple hidden in the deep Karshian jungles.
Perhaps today, beyond the cold stone, she will find a treasure that will make her immensely rich. Or maybe she will find a certain death.
Anyway, what value can any gem have compared to the adrenaline rush? She loves to be a treasure hunter.

– Elearian Chronicles: Countdown in Vixalis VI


Escape from Vixalis VI

One day you wake up, get out of the shower, and discover that a mutant virus is loose in your space station, turning all your comrades into monstrous psychopaths—another day in the office. When Shai-la is in deep shit, she knows she can only trust two things: her gun and Pepe, the multifunction android.
It’s time to shoot and run. Maybe she will reach the escape pods.

– Elearian Chronicles: Countdown in Vixalis VI


Nights of Krillen

Krillen is one of the most crowded cities in the Empire.
The high society and the Corporations executives live in the heights, bathing in the money generated by corruption and lies.
But Leena is not so fortunate. She lives daily, dealing with the underworld criminals.
Sometimes, she scales, recklessly, the metal structures that touch the clouds to enjoy the stars, far from the city’s flashing lights and noise. And suddenly, the unexpected can happen.

– Elearian Chronicles: About Krillen


Octopoid in A Tayaran Beach

Sunset light warms the impressive villas that line the beach. The Elearian wealthy families enjoy their holidays at one of the most beautiful places in Tayar: The purple coast beaches. Once a refuge for octopoid fishers, this paradise has become a leisure center beyond the average citizens’ possibilities. Now, you rarely can find an octopoid.


Jogging at Main Park

It’s early in the morning at Main Park. An Elearian girl jogs with her fluffy pet as the sun rises, warming her blue skin. Main Park is a peaceful place in the middle of the gigantic city where the mid-class enjoy their relaxing leisure moments.
The government lets Capital citizens live their ordinary lives, oblivious to the distant UPC colonies’ matters.


The warden of the temple

Deep in the Calcush jungle hides the Bamanesh temple. The advanced Elearian civilization has forgotten the cult of the goddess. Only a few preserve the prays and the way Bahma, and only one is gifted with the power and the task to protect the hidden shrine of the water goddess that keeps infinite secrets. No man nor Elearian has ever stepped into the dome, and they won’t while the warden is there.


The Battle of Khamira

The rebellion of the Unuatu faction, far away, in the Sharahi Planet, started when a whole company of Armada marines declined to open fire against the rally of civilians.
It ended fast with the deployment of the Colonial Troopers and the total destruction of Khamira.
But the battle on Sharahi became the starter of the war against the corporations in the whole galaxy.
Those who were called traitors and terrorists soon turned martyrs, and their followers became heroes.



A strong superstition surrounds the art of elemental control through the magical technology of Klynn stones. Techno witches have a strict code of conduct and obedience.
When Tanayra was expelled from the clan for her blasphemy, she decided to roam the deserts of Zexon 4, using her knowledge to provide water wells to the poor colonized villages.
She did not even imagine the role she would play in the fate of the galaxy.


Elearian Chronicles #01



Fgahor god is quite exquisite. It only likes the most succulent girls. It strokes the blue skin of the young Elearians with its slimy tentacles to finally rip the sacrifice from the totem chains.
The Fgahor cult only leaves behind a few pieces of mutilated limbs… And some broken hearts.
Probably, it would accept some geawled pork meat, too. But it’s less entertaining.
– Elearian Chronicles: About the Monks of Fgahor.



UPC troopers explore the colonial planets before the workers’ arrival.
The inner rings are getting dangerous after the insectoid expansion. Any cave could be a nest infested with indeterminate bug mutations. The insectoid plague adapts quickly to the planets’ environments, and Insectoid Queens delivers hundreds of eggs every day.
Nobody said that it was easy to be a trooper.



In the Orion arm, where the new colonies prosper, the Pirates of Khôr plunder and ravage.
Shui-La-Khan and her crazy robot crew were the most famous among them. Her dexterity in combat was only comparable with her beauty.
UPC protectorate couldn’t defend the cities of the galaxy’s outer rim while the gorgeous corsair attacked chrono-jumping directly into the planets’ atmospheres.
–Elearian Chronicles: About the Pirates of Khôr.


Technotokyo brothels

GSM Stations (Modified Selective Gestation) create the most perfect and desirable creatures in the known Universe –of any race or species– to provide Technotokyo brothels.
Technotokyo is the perfect place for those who wish to ruin their life by indulging in unbridled, forbidden, and prohibitive pleasures.
It is also hell for the perfect female genetic creations, sold and forced to work as sex slaves for the rest of their life.
– Another extract from the Elearian Chronicles.


Elearian Chronicles #01



In the Cariodaid asteroid belt, miners risk their lives every day for a few kredits. They jump to the emptiness repeatedly, sometimes forgetting that a small mistake can change everything.
Only when you feel the infinite immensity of outer space will you appreciate the value of everyday small things.
Dayra She’Clan never came back from the Cariodaid mines.

– Elearian Chronicles: About the Cariodaid asteroid belt.