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(Character Art, Comic Art)
Sci-fi and Fantasy illustration and comic stories


(Character Art)
I’m a freelance digital artist and solo game dev working on my first RPG called Tales of Frah’Akin.


(Character Art, Comic Art)
I draw mostly fantasy or sci-fi characters and monsters in a cartoon/comics style. I focus on my OC and the universe I’m building (Tales of Mythrea) and plan to turn this into a webcomic in the near future.


(Character Art)
I like to create digital art for TTRPG characters.


(Character Art, Portraits)
I create character-based digital art in a style that is somewhere between cartoony and semi-realism.


(Character Art, Manga, Anime, Other)
I create anime, manga and oc content! I’m also currently getting into writing my own manga.

Minki Artsy

(Anime, Animation)
I create digital illustrations (mostly anime style) with animations


(Character Art)
Art should be for fun, and take the effort to grow and learn. It just makes the finished piece even better!

R.L. White

(Character Art, Comic Art, Animation, Portraits)
I do digital illustrations on characters, such as humans, aliens, monsters, humanoids, etc. And portraits of people in my own animated style.


(Character Art, Anime)
I mostly draw semi-realistic with a tint of anime artsyle of my OC’s, but I sometimes draw fanart of obscure fandoms (Touhou, Dead by Daylight, slashers, etc). I dabble in animation/editing here & there too. I mostly like darker stuffs, including my art & my story that I’m writing.


(Character Art, Comic Art)
I’m slowly working towards a comic and for now draw character from said comic and short episodes


(Character Art)
I draw humanoid aliens inspired by unusual lifeforms on earth! Biology and anatomy is my main inspiration.


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