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Algo Boba Collection

Road Map & Information

Alien Boba Original is a cute illustration of a sexy alien girl drinking a boba. It is a mix of semi-realism and cartoony that is probably my favorite style. I adapted her to the AlgoNFT collection standards adding infinite feature possibilities that make each mint unique.
The collection will be made up of 50(*) 1/1 mints. All of them are COMPLETELY UNIQUE. We are not talking about subtle changes but complete redraws, so there are no variants.
The initial floor price of each NFT of the collection is 150 ALGO, but you can get them by auction or in the secondary market.
Starting on November 2021, there will be an 1 Drop per week*.

* Expected for Series 1. The series will never have extra mints or variants of the same NFT. In case of accumulating unsold cards, this plan and calendar can be varied, paused, or discontinued.

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Collection: Click on the images to see if they are available for sale.

AlgoBoba #00


AlgoBoba #01

Technotokyo Variant

AlgoBoba #02

Baseball Bat Variant

AlgoBoba #03

As she came to life Variant

Algo Boba #04

Sexy Assistant

AlgoBoba #05

Soviet Variant

AlgoBoba #06

Witch Halloween Variant

AlgoBoba #07

Vampirella Halloween Variant

AlgoBoba #08


AlgoBoba #09

Zombie Cheerleader

AlgoBoba #10

The Astronaut

AlgoBoba #11

The Viking

AlgoBoba #12

Algo Boba #12 - Bunny Girl

AlgoBoba #13


AlgoBoba #14

The Mechanic

AlgoBoba #15

The Nurse

AlgoBoba #16

The Pirate

AlgoBoba #17

The Nun

AlgoBoba #18

The Geisha

AlgoBoba #19

The SnowBoarder

AlgoBoba #20


AlgoBoba #21


AlgoBoba #22

Scarlet Witch

AlgoBoba #23

Lara Croft