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Alien Pride Fan Art (APFA)

Road Map & Information


APFA is the new Alien Pride Art Series of collectibles. 

It includes 26 Fan Art illustrations of different alien races from the most relevant comics, movies, and TV show franchises.
They are cheap collectibles that you can get to win most valuable ones, focused on bringing more sci-fi lovers to the APA family.
IMPORTANT: APFA will have its own wallet and separated collection in NFTExplorer.

It will include four different sets:

White Set 26 Cards
– promotional Card number #1 will be 50/50 . A lot of card #1 will be released in giveaways.
– The rest (25 white cards) will be 25/25

Silver Set 26 cards 5/5
ONLY white card owners will have access to the silver card shuffle.
The first winner will receive a free silver card.
The following winners will have the option to buy the silver card.
If any of the winners don’t claim the prize, it will go to the next winner till reaching the last one of the White Card Owners.

Black Set 26 cards 3/3
The cards from the black set will be auctioned and they are the last chance to participate in the golden card shuffle.

Gold Set 26 cards 1/1  (Not for sale)
Silver and Black Card card owners will have access to the GOLD card shuffle.
The winner will receive FOR FREE the unique Gold card initially (aprox. value 150 Algo)

Join the AlienprideArt Discord Server to be updated.

Collection: Click on the images to see if they are available for sale.