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APA Fund Project

Joining the Panda Nation to protect endangered species

Dear APA Owners and fans :

Due to the unexpected success of my alien comic art –and grateful to this planet– I decided to do something useful to the Earth community with part of the benefits of my art projects.

Now more than ever, this planet needs human AND ALIEN allies for protection from pressing threats like illegal wildlife trade, deforestation, climate change, and water scarcity. That’s why we just joined the WWF PANDA NATION with our APA Fund project. I was always a wildlife lover, and I thought that helping to protect wildlife and endangered species was a good way to show my gratitude to Earthlings.


Mainly, the APA Fund is an Algorand Wallet designed to collect funds to preserve protected animal species. AlienPrideArt will donate to WWF 5% of each direct sale of NFTs made from their galleries *.

The donation will be made gradually or when reaching the initial goal of 500 ALGO [Milestone reached. Now extended to 1000 ALGO].
You can check the progress and donations here.



Here is the most crucial part. Apart from the artist’s donation, other activities involving APA fans will raise money and support the project. We will prepare special giveaways and NFT auctions for those that join the project with their donations. Also, you can make a direct donation here! All donors will be directly eligible for all the project giveaways.

Please join me in this important work by participating in our fundraising activities and giveaways. All along the galaxy fans and supporters want to protect Earth Wildlife!!!

Join alienprideart discord server and follow me on twitter to be updated!

* Starting on November 7, 2021.

For information about World Wildlife Fund and its mission, you can visit worldwildlife.org.