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APA: The AlienPrideArt NFT project White Paper

Genuine Comic Art in the ALGONFT environment

If you are part of the ALGO NFT community or have sneaked in the Twitter accounts of NFT collectors, you have probably found tags or mentions to @alienprideart. Frequently, these mentions are accompanied by comic art of gorgeous alien girls. But, do you really know what is behind the APA project? Why join the APA community as a holder?
I decided to write this APA White Paper to spot some light and discover the project to ALGO NFT collectors.
Elearian Chronicles #3


Most of the most relevant projects on the ALGO Blockchain are collections generated by scripts. Many of the most successful projects are PFP layer-generated collections that combine different traits to create 1k-3k exclusive images.
When I landed in the ALGO Blockchain, I was tempted to do the same: create many images based on the same character, only changing attributes –you can find that in previous versions of Alien Selfie #1 and Alien Selfie #4.

I am not very proud about this.

But soon, I changed my mind. Even if these collections were trendy, each variant had little artistic value.
I am a comic artist, and I enjoy drawing, so I transformed and adapted APA collections to offer the collectors artistic value in each different NFT, something they were proud to own.

Some of the Algo Boba Variants

Now, each of my artworks and variants has been carefully hand-drawn, with the love and dedication of a real artist, not a CPU.

Elearian Chronicles #5


NFT World is full of art theft. Several cases have recently appeared that have set off the alarms of collectors, especially those who have seen how the projects disappeared and with them their money and investments.

It’s time to be transparent about the art process and creation to earn the supporter’s trust.

I am proud to show my drawing process live to those who join the APA discord server: from searching for inspirational and reference images to finishing and lighting.
Also, they can ask for art tips and questions in the artroom channels – exclusive for APA supporters.
They are sure my art is original step by step and that there is a real artist behind the artwork’s creation.

Alien Selfie #4 - Team Rocket Variant


Team? Ah, ok. That’s when two or more people join for a project. In the beginning, APA could be a one-person team project. My artist name is alienprideart, and I am responsible for art creation, marketing, communication, and everything related to the project. Nice to meet you.

But I am not alone on this ship. This project wouldn’t be real without the support of fans and holders.

So, I take their participation in our Discord server very seriously and have created a rewards plan and different exclusive perks for them. 

Holding an APA NFT makes you a part of our community and our project.

Elearian Chronicles #1
Alien Selfie #8 Variant


I have four different collections currently ongoing. Why four? First of all, as I have told you before, I am an artist, and I draw as I am inspired, so I tried to classify my artworks by categories. And then, I know collectors like exclusive original paintings and also PFP collections, so I offer them different alternatives:

Alien Selfie
It’s my first collection composed of Comic art close-ups of gorgeous alien girls. It has evolved in the last months, looking for a minting that matches collectors’ expectations.
Most of them are 5/5 minted Originals + 1 Ultra rare variant (1/1 minted)

Algo Boba
Alien Boba Original is a cute illustration of a sexy alien girl drinking a boba. It is a SUPER-EXCLUSIVE collection composed of 50 EXCLUSIVE ULTRARARE 1/1 minted artworks, completely redrawn with different cosplay outfits.

Alien Pride Fan Art
It includes 26 Fan Art illustrations of different alien races from the most relevant comics, movies, and TV show franchises.
They are cheap collectibles that you can get to win most valuable ones, focused on bringing more sci-fi lovers to the APA family.
It will include four different sets:

  • White Set 26 Cards 25/25.
  • Silver Set 26 cards 5/5: ONLY white card owners will have access to the silver card shuffle.
  • Black Set 26 cards 3/3: Last chance to participate in the golden card shuffle.
  • Gold Set 26 cards 1/1  (Not for sale): Silver and Black Card card owners will have access to the GOLD card shuffle.

Elearian Chronicles
A comic art collection of scenes inspired by the legends, stories, and archives of Elearis and the United Planets Confederation, written by AlienPrideArt alter ego.
One of the fan’s favorites is made up of Originals (3/3 minted) for collectors with occasional 1/1 exclusive variants.

Galaxy’s Most Wanted
HI-QUALITY LAYERED PFP SERIES with different traits and rarity scores. They are 1/1 minted and very affordable for APA newbies. You can also win GMWs playing our community game.
Series one finished on March 2022

Algo Boba #12 - Bunny Girl


If you want to sneak a bit, you can join AlienPrideArt Community discord server at any time, only by clicking this invitation: https://discord.gg/yDBG8hzp8h

You will find some public channels with auctions and news to keep you updated about the drops and the project road map evolution. You can also join the public auctions and pre-sales.

But being an APA holder will give you some special perks and rewards: 

  • Travel all around the galaxy playing the GMW Community Game: ongoing giveaways that will give you access to new planets and new giveaways till you find the hidden prizes (Free NFTs, Discounts,…)
  • Check your APA Score and enjoy exclusive roles with perks and rewards.
  • Claim your APAKredits (APA Token Reward)
  • Access to exclusive Pre-sale drops, only for Holders.
  • Be part of the decisions of our project in the APA Senate. Your vote counts!
  • Access the ArtRoom to sneak in the works process with photos, videos, Live Streams, Art tips, line art coloring pages… 
Alien Selfie #10 - African Elephant


Most of the artists focus their charity efforts on forest repopulation (and that’s awesome). But, now more than ever, this planet needs human AND ALIEN allies for protection from pressing threats like illegal wildlife trade, deforestation, climate change, and water scarcity. That’s why we just joined the WWF PANDA NATION with our APA Fund project.

Mainly, APA Fund is a Panda Nation Fundraising project designed to collect funds to preserve protected animal species. 5% of ALL APA DIRECT SALES and 80% of the Charity Auctions will go monthly to the Panda Nation Fundraising.

So, as you can see, there are other reasons to join the APA community as a holder apart of the excellent comic art. We, artists and supporters bonded by love to comic art, are trying to grow a long-term and trustful project.
Want to join us? Take your first step by clicking here.